Only a week (and a bit) to go!

edinburgh rain photo
Photo by Joe Bain

Thanks to Bill Harriman (Agent BigHairyMan) who has come up with a set of useful tips for Anomaly day!

We are only one (and a bit) week away from Edinburgh Anomaly! If you’d like to come to the Anomaly, sign up now! Everybody is very welcome :-)

If you’re already signed up, get in touch and stay in touch with your team and especially your team lead. If you do not know who your team lead is, check your Google Hangouts. If you still don’t know, send a mail to and we will sort you out. Your team lead will have some free stuff for you, and she or he is the one who’ll confirm that you attended the Anomaly (so you can get the Abaddon icon in your scanner afterwards!).

Here are a few general tips regarding Edinburgh and the Anomaly day:

  • The Anomaly will most likely take up most of the day with running/driving/cycling around (and then after-partying). Remember to wear comfortable clothes well suited for the weather.
  • The distances between the clusters and the after-party venue are not huge and the best way to get around is on foot. Remember to wear comfy shoes.
  • There is not much free time between the measurements, so it’s unlikely that you will have a chance to grab a proper meal or a hot beverage. It’s a good idea to carry some snacks with you, e.g. energy bars, chocolate and a bottle of water (or a hip flask if you wish…) to have along the way.

Weather. We have a saying here that if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes. It’s very true. Edinburgh weather is highly changeable. The average temperatures in November are 9 C deg during the day and 3 C deg during the night. You can check a 5 day forecast at: So BE PREPARED for the weather. Most likely it will be around 8-10 C deg, a bit wet and windy.

Recommended extras for your outfit:

  • gloves  (especially the touch screen ones!)
  • beanie
  • rain jacket and/or umbrella
  • waterproof phone cover (e.g. zip-lock bags work well!)


  • Make sure you have a SIM card for your phone, or a strategy for getting one.
  • Make sure you batter pack is fully charged.
  • Bring all the cables you may need.
  • Make sure you updated your scanner to the latest version.
  • Turn off phone synchronisation and close all unnecessary apps. The fewer apps running the faster your phone is.

Look forward to meeting you at the after party, if not before!